A native of Montreal, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2000, and received his Master of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University in 2008.  Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Statz’s work has been shown across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

I am an idiot.

Anyone who knows me would likely admit that this is neither a stretch of the truth or the imagination – in fact, if I were a gambling man I’d say it would be a pretty safe bet.  Based on a personal and experiential reality, my work owns up to this fact.

I have never been particularly interested in “philosophy” or “words”; it is experience that informs my creative and “intellectual” work.  I am not referring to the philosophical or metaphysical notion of experience, but rather the simplest, basic concept of experience as a physical thing – the stuff of life; however, because I do not lead a life that is altogether interesting or exciting, the subject matter of the work refers to the mundane.

By depicting the mundane, importance is effectually placed on the regular, everyday events that most individuals take for granted.  Within the context of my art practice, something as simple as a conversation, an unusual encounter while walking the streets of Calgary/Montreal or a trip on public transit can be considered as research material.

In the production of my work, I employ strategies from performance, and analog/digital print technologies that include elements of humour, wit, and humility – with just a hint of self-deprecation.  Any self-flagellation, however, should not be taken as an admission of a lowered self-image; it is used primarily as a comedic device that questions the notion of hegemonic masculinity.

Art History ubiquitously portrays the male artist as an iconic figure, a genius, and a hero.  As I often approach things with a great deal of humility, I am particularly interested in presenting the male artist (myself) as an individual who is not the sharpest tool in the shed, whose social status amongst his peers isn’t the highest, and whose success within the local, Canadian and international art context is virtually non-existent.  So for my own purposes and in the context of the male artist-as-bumbling-idiot, failure is always a viable option.

Dimension May Vary


I have made a series of black and white artworks comprised of found-objects, canvases, panels, framed paper works and wooden boxes; in these works, brush-painted acrylic surfaces give texture to skin and coat animal figurines, books, bones, boxes, bottles, skulls, tools, toys, etc.

Arranging modular components in changeable variations, utilizing conventional display methodologies and innovative installation techniques, the perceived possible meanings and interpretations of the artworks are obscured, and this subtly alters and excites my further artistic understanding.

Focusing my consideration on the institutionally constructed interstitial spaces between sculpture and painting, performance and documentation, author and audience, I explore the relationships between subjective and objective tangibility and intangibility, meaning and meaninglessness, and the surreality of the known and the unknown, to hint at or suggest apparently non-sequitur and random symbolic content, implying and projecting meaning, but convoluting intention.

La Jeunesse de Demain: The Youth of Tomorrow

Mikhail’s work often explores the narratives created within a local community though street-level interventions. His interest in strengthening daily interactions through a shared experience stems from a sense of creative optimism for the future. An aspect of his practice involves painting wood panels, installing them around cities, and taking photos of the installations. During his residency at the 809 gallery, Mikhail will return to this process on a mass scale, experimenting with different techniques of production as well as re-visiting the power of myths and local legends.

Artist Biography:

Mikhail Miller is a visual artist, community organizer and social activist born in Calgary, AB, Canada. Mikhail graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2006, with a Bachelors of Fine Art from the Print Media faculty. From 2008/09 Mikhail served as a work/study intern at the Banff Centre for the Arts. In 2010/11 he was curator of the Ministry of Casual Living artist-run project space. Mikhail’s prints, paintings, sculptures and community murals have been enjoyed throughout much of western Canada and internationally. Recently Mikhail spent a four-month period making new work in Oaxaca, Mexico, which resulted in two solo exhibitions at Espacio Zapata in Oaxaca and Galeria Anomalia in Mexico City. Mikhail Miller currently lives and works in Victoria, BC.


Canadian interdisciplinary artist and arts administrator. His work has been exhibited across Canada; most recently in the Project Room at Stride Gallery (Calgary) and as part of Nuit Blanche 2012 in Montreal. In addition to his studio practice, McLeod maintains an active role in the arts community as the Programming Director & Co‐Founder of AVALANCHE! Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Editor of Fresh Bread (freshbreaddaily.ca).

Over a three‐week period in the 809 Residency, Nate McLeod will construct Sunset Strip, a site‐specific project comprised of paintings, prints, and sculptures drawn together through a unity of color and repetition of forms. The works will explore the relationship found between text and imagery, using the names of three Behr Premium Plus paint colors as a starting point.


A series of small scale works that attempts to deal with concepts of identity, singularity and the change(s) that can occur when singularity is thrust into a relationship with “another”. An intimate exploration looking at those outside forces can challenge or add to ones natural state of oneness. Heavily influenced by suggestions of science and astronomy this series looks at the state of identity within the context of relationships under a microscope.

Portrait in the Likeness of Another

This photo series is based on perceived notions of identity by looking at those people who surround the artist and directly influence the life of the artist. This body of work pulls directly upon the notion that the ‘world is your mirror’ – including those who occupy it. In an attempt to understand oneself, one must examine those chosen to surround them, this is exactly the lens the artist asks the viewer to look through. How do you perceive the ones you love? You are the ultimate observer in your life. This work begins the study of the artist’s self and personal identity through otherness, texture and light.

Artist Bio

Calgary based emerging artist and holds a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design which she received in 2008. Farlee’s art practice investigates the problematics of identity, femininity and the body through the re-contextualization of natural materials that would suggest the bodily and ritualistic processes that involve the body. She is currently exploring new avenues of expression including: photographic and performance based work. Farlee Mowat is also an avid poet and acknowledges this as a part of her creative process.