Dimension May Vary


I have made a series of black and white artworks comprised of found-objects, canvases, panels, framed paper works and wooden boxes; in these works, brush-painted acrylic surfaces give texture to skin and coat animal figurines, books, bones, boxes, bottles, skulls, tools, toys, etc.

Arranging modular components in changeable variations, utilizing conventional display methodologies and innovative installation techniques, the perceived possible meanings and interpretations of the artworks are obscured, and this subtly alters and excites my further artistic understanding.

Focusing my consideration on the institutionally constructed interstitial spaces between sculpture and painting, performance and documentation, author and audience, I explore the relationships between subjective and objective tangibility and intangibility, meaning and meaninglessness, and the surreality of the known and the unknown, to hint at or suggest apparently non-sequitur and random symbolic content, implying and projecting meaning, but convoluting intention.