A series of small scale works that attempts to deal with concepts of identity, singularity and the change(s) that can occur when singularity is thrust into a relationship with “another”. An intimate exploration looking at those outside forces can challenge or add to ones natural state of oneness. Heavily influenced by suggestions of science and astronomy this series looks at the state of identity within the context of relationships under a microscope.

Portrait in the Likeness of Another

This photo series is based on perceived notions of identity by looking at those people who surround the artist and directly influence the life of the artist. This body of work pulls directly upon the notion that the ‘world is your mirror’ – including those who occupy it. In an attempt to understand oneself, one must examine those chosen to surround them, this is exactly the lens the artist asks the viewer to look through. How do you perceive the ones you love? You are the ultimate observer in your life. This work begins the study of the artist’s self and personal identity through otherness, texture and light.

Artist Bio

Calgary based emerging artist and holds a BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design which she received in 2008. Farlee’s art practice investigates the problematics of identity, femininity and the body through the re-contextualization of natural materials that would suggest the bodily and ritualistic processes that involve the body. She is currently exploring new avenues of expression including: photographic and performance based work. Farlee Mowat is also an avid poet and acknowledges this as a part of her creative process.